Encrypt your email with Mailplus
for Outlook Office 365

Mailplus for

Outlook Office 365

Secure digital communication
between identified users

Replace fax and letter with secure digital communication via Mailplus for Outlook Office 365

Create a faster and more efficient communication for personal and confidential information

All information between sender and recipient is protected by strong encryption

The service only contains identified companies and users

Obtain traceability and transparency in communication via digital signatures

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Replace fax and letter with encrypted email
via Mailplus för Outlook Office 365

There is no doubt about the fact that digitization can help many companies and authorities to streamline different processes, reduce workload and costs. The Swedish government has even demanded that the digital option should always come first. But despite this ambition, many companies and authorities are still forced to handle much of their communication through traditional methods such as letters and faxes. The reason for this is that the technology has not been adapted to the laws and regulations that they need to live up to.

At Meaplus we work to solve these types of problems with the help of digitization. With a service called Mailplus, we now offer an Add-in for Outlook Office 365. The Add-in gives Outlook an extended functionality that makes it possible to send person-sensitive and other classified information via Office 365 and thus communicate with other identified companies and users in a safe and more efficient way.

The challenge with traditional e-mail today

Normally traditional e-mail programs do not offer features that makes it possible to protect the information being communicated. This creates huge challenges when it comes to digital communication of personal- and company-sensitive information or when it comes to classified or other secret information. Laws and regulations therefore force many companies, public organizations and authorities to continue with letters and faxes and to be able to send this kind of information. This is something that is both expensive, time consuming and inefficient. The lack of a technical solution that can handle the problems and also let sensitive information be sent through e-mail, often creates increased lead times and costs for important processes within the company and society. Time and money that would otherwise have been able to go to investments where the need is greater.

So why do we allow information to be sent by letter and fax, but not as a regular e-mail message? Primarily, it’s because when sending letters and faxes the information is secured during the transport to the recipient, while a regular e-mail message can be compared with sending an open postcard. Therefore it´s no guarantee that any third party or company does not take part of the information that is communicated.

for Outlook 365

Emails protected with
strong encryption

Only identified users
behind the email addresses

See when the recipients
have opened and signed information

Secure digital communication

Mailplus is an add-in to Outlook for Office 365. By installing this add-in, Outlook gets features that not only allow the information to be protected by strong encryption, the Add-in also secure the sender and recipient behind the e-mail addresses through e-ID identification. This way, we create the conditions to be able to send person-sensitive and also other secret information digitally in a more cost-effective and safer way than what is currently offered via letters, fax and other traditional e-mail.

In addition, the sender can see when the recipient has opened and electronically signed the information which been received, which not only improves the transparency between different companies and authorities but also contributes to faster and more efficient processes.

How can I as a
business user
access the service?

In order to use Mailplus, your company first needs to be connected to a so-called Mailplus Server.

In connection with your company being registered, a validation of the company and its signatories is carried out. This procedure ensures that the company is valid and only after an approved registration it´s possible to invite users who needs to have access to the service within the organization.

When the users receive an invitation, they need to verify their identity and their e-mail address with an e-ID that is accepted by the service. It is also with this e-ID that users can then sign and encrypt their e-mail, as well log in to Mailplus when a secure message has been received. In this way, companies can create a secure digital communication with other companies that use Mailplus.

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How can I as a
business user
access the service?

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