With Meaplus Login, you can easily replace usernames and passwords with a more simplified and secure login which instead lets the user to login with their mobile phone and Meaplus ID through a two-factor authentication. (2FA).

With Meaplus ID, you can log in either with a pin code or through biometrics. When logging in to a computer, a request is sent to the user’s Meaplus ID in the phone where the user can authenticate himself through a fingerprint or pin-code. The login is as simple as if the user would open his own phone.

Meaplus Login can be integrated to applications through REST APIs.

Meaplus Login with a Basic Company Account

With a Basic Company Account, you can use Meaplus Login for users who are not identified*. This service is completely free of charge both for you as a company and for those who use the service through their Meaplus ID.

Meaplus Login with Company Account Plus

With a Company Account Plus, more advanced features will be added to the Meaplus Login application. As an example, you will be able to set a policy that force only identified people to enter the application. This will increase the trust to those who use the service while you also get the opportunity to address identified users through Meaplus Messages.

*As an identified user, an application can access information (attribute) that strengthens a private person’s identity. Via Meaplus Validation Service, you can confirm your name, social security number, address and phone number. As an identified user, this information is shared with the application via its Meaplus ID. As an unidentified user, this information is missing, and the application does not know who the person in really is.

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