As standard email solutions and services fail to protect information from 3rd party, companies and authorities are not allowed to send sensitive or in another way secret information digitally. Instead, many organizations are forced to use postal letters and fax machines when it comes to communicating this kind of information. This is both time consuming and expensive while the sender has difficulty knowing who actually takes part of the information when it arrives at the recipient.

With Meaplus Messages, this is no longer a problem! As we can ensure privacy, access control and traceability where all information is encrypted locally, no 3rd party, the service provider and not even Meaplus will be able to access the information.

All actions when a user receive, open and sign the information which is sent, are timestamped and distributed as an electronic receipt to all participants part of the interaction. All in all, an ability to also digitize communication where sensitive or secret information is handled. This way, we´ll not only can create faster and more efficient process for communication, we can also ensure it´s actually the correct recipient who takes part in the information which is sent.

Meaplus Messages allow companies and public authorities to send encrypted information directly to another company or to an identified private individual.

As the service is based on a decentralized infrastructure, it also creates an ability to handle users with different nationalities allowing companies and authorities to transfer information digitally cross border.

The service can be used by anyone who has a Meaplus ID and have become identified through Meaplus Validation Service.

The messaging service can be integrated into a local application via REST API or used as an external service through Meaplus CLOUD. Both require a Company Account Plus or Enterprise to be used.

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