Company Account

Basic Company Account



  • Meaplus Login*

*for unidentified users

Company Account Plus

From 695 SEK/month


  • Meaplus Login¬†
  • Meaplus Messages
  • License Key for 1 Application
  • Validation of the Company
  • Access to Meaplus REST API

Enterprise Account

From 995 SEK/month


  • Meaplus Login
  • Meaplus Messages
  • License Key for 3 Application
  • Validation of the Company
  • Access to Meaplus REST API
  • Role management for employees
  • An own company archive

Secure login with two-factor authentication for:

Private individuals (unidentified)

Identified private individuals

Identified users in a role within an organization

Policy-based login according to your own requirement

Secure transfer of digital information between:

Company and an identified private person

Employee in a role and identified private person

Employees in roles within the same organization

Employees in roles from different organizations

Electronic signing of document for:

Identified private individuals

Electronic signatures can be made via Meaplus Messages

Employees in different roles

Digital processes with traceability

For external identified individuals

For internal users and roles

For external users and roles

In combination with internal and external users / roles

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