Are you in need of advice on how your company should adapt to the development of digitalisation?

At Meaplus we have long experience of helping both small and large organizations in both the private and public sectors. By combining our knowledge of business development together with digital innovation, we can act as strategic advisors how you best can manage the digital opportunities and challenges you face. 


We work primarily in the following business areas when it comes to Digital Transformation


Business development


Operation development


Strategy & advice



Digitization is one of the great opportunities of our time ...

and something that makes the development and change in society go at an ever faster pace. But at the same time, digitalisation is also forcing many companies to change their business models and ways of working if they want to be part of the market also in the future. 

Companies that succeed in adapting to digital development in a good way often create a much better position. But while digitalisation can contribute to great benefit for both small and large companies, it is perhaps the public sector that, with the help of digitalisation, has the greatest opportunity to develop and change the way it works. 


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