We develop applications for the digital society of the future


We develop applications for the digital society of the future


We want to contribute to a better
and safer digital society

Even though we today are in the middle of digital development, many companies and authorities are struggling to be able to take full advantage of the digital services available on the market. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on creating applications and services that should be easy to use but at the same time contribute to great benefit to society. In this way, we hope that we will be able to create a better digital society where everyone can benefit from the great opportunities of digitalisation.


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A secure communication platform

SEFOS Secure Messages makes it possible to send messages containing personal data or other sensitive information both internally within an organization and to external recipients.

SEFOS secure video meetings can ensure the identity of the participants in the meeting through strong authentication and by ensuring that the technical infrastructure behind the meeting meets technical and legal requirements such as GDPR.

We currently have integrations for MS Outlook and Teams, among others, but it is also possible to use SEFOS as a separate web service or integrate with other applications.

Since you don't need to be registered to receive messages, you can send secure messages to anyone and also invite any type of recipient to secure meetings.

SEFOS is adjusted to handle different types of authentication methods. Everything from simple verifications via e-mail, SMS and password to various e-IDs such as Swedish Mobile BankIDFreja e-ID, Freja organisations e-ID and NetID with SITHS.

SEFOS can be integrated with more or less any PKI-based login method.

Get started with SEFOS through just a few steps. Highly encrypted messages are then sent as easily as a regular e-mail message! 

With SEFOS Function Mailbox it is possible to easily create and manage one or more secure function mailboxes.

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