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Frequently asked questions concerning SEFOS as a service and the offer that now applies.

Är ni intresserad av SEFOS men vill först prova tjänsten innan ni går vidare, kontakta då oss på Meaplus så kan vi hjälpa er med en gratis provperiod.

När gratisperioden närmar sig sitt slut kommer ni att bli kontaktade av oss och där ni kan välja på att gå vidare med tjänsten via ett månadsabonnemang alternativt avsluta tjänsten utan kostnad. 

The trial period covers up to 5 users / companies. 

SEFOS is primarily aimed at securely transferring information and attachments between two different users. If you choose to terminate SEFOS, we first recommend that the information received, including attachments, are to be opened and downloaded to a location where you believe it is safe to store. 

This is partly determined if you have chosen a local installation of your SEFOS node or if you have chosen a node as a service. Once you are registered in a SEFOS node, an individual user can be up and running within minutes. Contact us at Meaplus if you need help getting started? 

From a pure functional point of view, there is no difference between a SEFOS node as a service or a node installed locally in an own data center. The difference is rather the way the service is consumed. With a local node, you get full control of the node but also an increased responsibility to ensure an infrastructure is in place so that SEFOS works properly. Using SEFOS as a service is a convenient way for small and medium-sized companies who want to be able to send sensitive information via Outlook but do not necessarily want to manage their own server infrastructure.