Automated Mailings

Creates the opportunity to programmatically create a dialogue with recipients identified with strong authentication such as SITHS and Swedish e-identification, by using SEFOS APIs.


SEFOS offers a rest API that gives other systems the ability to send automated messages via SEFOS using a shared mailbox. This means that you can connect your system or website to SEFOS and then automate the sending of messages.

Automated mailings are made through a shared mailbox

An automated message is sent out through a shared mailbox in SEFOS. When the recipient then responds to this message, it automatically returns to the shared mailbox, where several employees then have authority to handle incoming messages. Since it is possible to choose whether a recipient should be able to respond to a message or not, SEFOS supports both collecting information and sending out information.


All functions that a shared mailbox in SEFOS offers are of course also available for messages created through automated mailings:

  • Reading receipt
  • Issue Management
  • Event Log
  • Only receives responds from sent messages or messages from other registered users
  • Opportunity to send confidential information and sensitive personal information