File management

With SEFOS File Management, it is possible to create one or more directories where you as a user have the opportunity to upload both files and notes, which can also be sent to recipients.

Mange files

In SEFOS file management, it is possible to make changes, i.e. update the files that are uploaded, see previous versions and move files to other directories that are available.

Send your files

You can easily send a file through, among other things, a SEFOS message, the file is thus sent as securely as it usually does and meets all legal requirements such as GDPR.

Give other users access to directories

Among your directories, you can choose which other users should have access to the respective directory. You can decide whether they should be able to make changes to the directory or not. 

In this way, for example, you and your employees can easily and efficiently make changes and add files to an ongoing project!

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