A secure communication platform

Protect sensitive or other confidential information when communicating with individuals or other companies and organizations.


Get started with SEFOS through just a few steps. Highly encrypted messages are then sent as easily as a regular e-mail message! 

Without limitations

Since you don't need to be a registered user to receive SEFOS messages, you can send secure messages to anyone without limitations!

Strong authentication

Let recipients identify themselves either by text message or some form of e-identification (ex-BankID, Freja eID or SITHS) to open the message.

Can be used as a web service or plugin

SEFOS is available as a web service through SEFOS for Web, but can also be used as a plugin to MS Outlook and Teams. It is also possible to integrate SEFOS with new systems.

Send encrypted messages to anyone

SEFOS allows you to easily encrypt the information and address both registered and external recipients. Let the recipient identify themselves with Freja eID, Freja Organization eID, NetID with SITHS, Mobile BankID, SMS or E-mail. Once the recipient has been identified, the encrypted information can be opened.  

SEFOS makes it easy to send encrypted messages to anyone!


Let external recipients respond to link messages

SEFOS not only makes it possible to send messages to recipients outside the service. External recipients can now also reply to these so-called link messages. 

Personal information or other sensitive information is easily sent directly to identified recipients who in turn can respond to the message in the same secure way as it was received!

Strong authentication with e-ID

SEFOS is adjusted to handle different types of authentication methods. Everything from simple verifications via e-mail, SMS and password to various e-IDs such as Swedish Mobile BankIDFreja e-ID, Freja organisations eID, NetID with SITHS and Nexus ID.

SEFOS can be integrated with more or less any PKI-based login method.

Use case examples

Replace unsecure e-mails
Replace fax, letter and courier mail
Digital communication
between healthcare providers
Improved efficiency in public sector

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