Application development

Are you in need of an application or service that you want to use internally or carry out to your customers?

We at Meaplus have both expertise and experience in creating applications and developing services that are in demand. With our development team, we can handle everything from small to large projects where we can either take overall responsibility or be part of a larger team.

Take a look at how our development process
process kan se ut:

Take a look at how our development process
can look like (document in swedish).


Your way of marketing yourself is largely the company's face to the outside world. With an attractive website and elaborate marketing material, you create a better starting point for future opportunities and business. We at Meaplus have extensive experience of creating websites, product sheets and other graphic design that can be associated with the company's own profile. Now you can also take help from our talented team to improve your conditions for better marketing and communication.

Experienced consultants for specific assignments

Are you facing new projects and need external expertise for specific assignments. Meaplus has long experience from creating applications, integrating APIs and providing expertise to various development teams. 

Contact us to tell us more about your needs, we're happy to help you out! 

Application development

Are you facing new opportunities and need new applications or services? Either we can take a full ownership or work as part of a team.

Experienced conultants

Many in our development team have more than 15 years of experience in software development, with broad programming knowledge and a variety of code languages.

Deep expertise

Do you have specific needs for deep expertise when it comes to development, PKI or API integration? Let our development team help you!

Digital transformation

Digitization is one of the great opportunities of our time and something that makes the development and change in society go at an ever faster pace. But at the same time, digitalisation is also forcing many companies to change their business models and ways of working if they want to be part of the market also in the future. 

Companies that succeed in adapting to digital development in a good way often create a much better position. But while digitalisation can contribute to great benefit for both small and large companies, it is perhaps the public sector that, with the help of digitalisation, has the greatest opportunity to develop and change the way it works. 

We at Meaplus have extensive experience of helping both small and large organizations in both the private and public sectors. By combining our knowledge in business and business development together with digital innovation, we can strategically advise how you can best handle the digital opportunities and challenges you face. 

We work primarily in the following business areas when it comes to Digital Transformation: 

Support as a service

Are you interested in creating a customized service or application, but feel that the need to also be able to provide support means that you instead choose an application that may not fully meet your needs?

When we at Meaplus develop applications and services for our customers, we will at the same time build a deep competence around the service. This means that together with the finished application, also can offer support for at the same time.

So if you are a company or organization who need a new internal or external service, do not let the support question become a problem!

Instead, connect with Meaplus and we can help you out!

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What can we help you with?

Whether you need an application that can help digitize various processes within your business, consultants for specific assignments or if you just want to renew your website with a new look, we at Meaplus can help you! 

Just have your contact details filled in and briefly describe what you need and we will contact as soon as possible!