Secure digital communication

SEFOS is an add-in to Outlook Office 365 that makes it possible to protect the information communicated through e-mail thanks to strong encryption. This, in turn, creates the conditions for being able to send person sensitive information via Microsoft Outlook Office 365. SEFOS is offered to both the private and public sectors.

Vad krävs för att skicka information med SEFOS?

What is required to information via SEFOS?



In order to send e-mail using SEFOS, someone for the below e-mail applications are required;
+ Outlook O365 lokal
+ Outlook O365 webb
+ webb


Every organization needs to have a connection to a SEFOS node, either locally or as a service.
+ SEFOS-node (local)
+ SEFOS-nod (as a service)

Sefos add-in

The SEFOS Add-in is required for all users who want to be able to send e-mail via the service;
+ SEFOS Add-in


SEFOS can be adapted to different client certificates. Today, the following login options are available;
+ Mobilt BankID
+ Net ID & SITHS

+ Freja e-ID
+ Password

Vad krävs för att skicka information med SEFOS?

What is required to information via SEFOS?

As a registered sender, you can send encrypted e-mail to anyone via SEFOS and our link solution. These recipients do not need the add-in to be installed nor to be registered to the service. For registered recipients, the requirements are the same as for a registered senders, ie one of the following e-mail services are required to be able to use the SEFOS add-in:


To receive e-mail via SEFOS, one of the following applications or services is required:
+ Outlook O365 local *
+ Outlook O365 web
+ Web


As a SEFOS user, you simply log in to the SEFOS add-in to open the encrypted message. If you are not registered in SEFOS and receive a secure link, you simply identify yourself via the method determined by the user before opening the SEFOS message;
+ Mobilt BankID

+ Freja e-ID
+ E-mail


Connect organizations with SEFOS


In order to use SEFOS, each organization needs to be registered in a SEFOS node.


The registration is done through Meaplus, or any of our authorized partners. This is were you decide for a local installation of your SEFOS node or as a service. 


SEFOS is installed as an add-in to Outlook's local or web-based email client. The installation can easily be managed centrally through the Office 365 admin center.


Each organization decides which login method is to be allowed. The invitation to the service is sent out via e-mail from SEFOS admin console. 


If a different client certificate is desired other than what is currently available, SEFOS can be adapted as needed. Contact Meaplus for more information.


Information sent to one or more recipients is encrypted through the organization's SEFOS node and then sent as an attached encrypted file. 


The information is protected with strong encryption throughout the transport and until the recipient has identified and opened the message. 


This way, SEFOS can easily connect different organizations, authorities and companies both within the same region but also across national borders.

Interoperability between organizations and countries

Once companies become connected to their own SEFOS node and users have been registered, it is easy to communicate with other organizations within the network. In this way, we can easily create interoperability between different organizations regardless of geographical location. 


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