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In today's digital world, regulations and requirements around it are becoming increasingly important. What was previously possible to send openly in an email is no longer legal or generally accepted.

While new rules are necessary, they create a lot of challenges for various activities, including in the legal system.

Examples of this can be:

- when a service of process is to be made

- when preliminary investigation reports are to be given

- when drafts concerning wills, agreements or other secrecy documents are to be "corrected" between the agency and the client

Most agencies / communities lack an easy way to send sensitive digital information. This often involves both extra work, increased costs and extra long time for the information to reach its recipient.


With SEFOS as a service, you can easily send sensitive information digitally to both colleagues and clients. You communicate securely with encrypted messages and the recipient identifies himself either by text message or some form of e-identification (eg mobile BankID, Freja eID or SITHS). You can thus replace letters previously sent with regular post mail och rec. mail with a platform where all communication can be performed securely, easily and efficiently.


Letters containing agreements, wills and other confidential documents can be replaced with a secure messaging service

+ Legal processes are streamlined and become more secure

+ Reduced costs for letters and postage

+ Simplifies communication between agencies and clients / customers.

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