Use SEFOS together with Freja eID and Freja Organisation eID

Use SEFOS together with Freja eID and Freja Organisation eID

Transmission of sensitive information digitally

Sending information digitally may seem easy, but when it comes to transmitting personal information or other sensitive information digitally in the service, we not only need to be able to protect the information with strong encryption, we also need to be able to ensure that the right recipient receives the information. All in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. 

Freja Organization eID

Freja eID today not only offers e-credentials with the highest level of trust for private individuals, so-called LOA3 level, but Freja also offers the opportunity for an organization to display service credentials that are placed on top of the user's private eID, a so-called Freja Organization's eID. In this way, an organization can easily offer a digital service ID to its employees with a high level of trust, which they can take advantage of when they, for example, need to be able to act digitally in the service or log in to various applications and services linked to their role in the business. 

SEFOS with Freja 

Thanks to our collaboration with Freja eID, we can now proudly present the opportunity to use SEFOS together with Freja eID, both as a private person and in combination with Freja Organization's eID in the service. With SEFOS and Freja Organisation's eID together, we create the opportunity for two organizations with completely different IT environments, to easily transfer personally sensitive or other confidential information digitally between each other. This at the same time as both sender and recipient can identify with Freja in the service.

If you want to know more about how your organization can benefit from SEFOS together with Freja eID, contact us here and book a short demo. 

For more information about Freja Organization eID, click here.

See how it works to identify yourself with Freja eID in connection with receiving a secure link message through SEFOS (Video is currently only available in Swedish):

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